Phew, the temperature is so high here in Bologna that it's difficult even to think.
Nevertheless, this month is gonna be even hotter! So, here are some quickies of the current things that are happening.

Akademy, Akademy, Akademy...
I'm finishing my preparations for Akademy, and the presentation is coming out nicely. I'm trying to make it understandable even by people who does not know much about Service-oriented Computing. I will also demo a couple of service-oriented applications for KDE (of which you could have seen screencast/shots in the kde blogs), and explain how they work and how easy is to make them with JOLIE.
By the way, if you need/want to talk with me, I'll be at Akademy the 9th, the 10th and the 11th (the 11th only in the morning).

Rising interest
We, as italianaSoftware, are receiving more and more interest in JOLIE by the business world. It looks like this could produce some open-source products. We shall see what comes up. The industry involvement has already produced some good things, like the sponsoring of the Google Web Toolkit integration in JOLIE (we are already using this in the open-source world, too: Echoes is based upon the JOLIE-GWT compatibility).

A lot of features to come in the next months
Some projects from the academic side are taking shape. A student from the University of Bologna, Davide Malagoli, is putting the basis for a complete bi-directional JOLIE<->XML translator. While JOLIE already supports the SOAP protocol, this is a great thing for the integration with tools designed for the Web Services technology. For instance, we will be able to generate automatically a WSDL document of a JOLIE program. As JOLIE supports more than just SOAP and TCP/IP sockets, we are already designing standard compliant WSDL elements to describe that.
We have got other two projects in early development, I will blog about them in the near future.

Looks like this fall and winter I will have a lot of features to put in the source tree, and a lot of screencast/shots to make. =)
As for this coming week-end, see you all at Akademy!

P.S.: welcome back to the blog world, Aaron!

UPDATE! Got the permission from the student to blog his name, so here it is. ;)