The Jolie web site now sponsors a "Jobs List", which can be found from the Contribute page, also known as "What we lack for world domination". The list features some Junior Jobs, so it's a good starting point for people that are looking for ways to start contributing to Jolie. We are continuously filling in new jobs (there's *always* something to do, as in every project ;), so be sure to refresh it if you're interested. If you don't find anything that interests you, remember that you can always post to the mailing list. =)

Now that JOLIE supports message types, it is feasible (and not too hard) to make automatic generators for Plasma::Service description files. These jobs are listed, so if someone wants some cool tool for automatic type-safe code generation between Plasma and JOLIE sooner rather than later and to learn something more about how Plasma and JOLIE communicate, this is a good occasion to jump on the JOLIE<->Plasma revolution train. ;)