Today I have moved MetaService from JOLIE's playground source tree to the main source tree, the one that gets installed when you type ant install.

A short description for people that do not know what MetaService is: MetaService is a JOLIE service that allows you to dynamically bridge applications that speak different protocols (sodep, soap, http, etc.) or use different communication transports/mechanisms (sockets, local sockets, Java RMI, etc.). It has been developed as an answer to the Plasma project's needs to have a transparent means to introduce Plasma to the Service-oriented world. The project turned out to be so useful that I have built a Java library for interacting with and dynamically loading it (metaservice-java, to be found in trunk/support/metaservice-java) which we, as italianaSoftware, have already used in the scope of web application development (I can not say much more on this topic... yet ;).

As a bonus, *nix users get a launcher script for MetaService when installing JOLIE with ant install. Just type metaservice -h and a help screen will welcome you.

The script supports passing MetaService's input port location and protocol as parameters. This means that for KDE launching MetaService just became a matter of executing something like:

metaservice localsocket:/tmp/ksocket-$USER/metaservice

Hooray for simplicity!