It is some time that I'm thinking about Akademy 2009, and how to make people aware of the potential the integration of Plasma and Jolie are going to bring. The following is what I came up with, and from some early discussions it really looks like something worth doing. Please share your thoughts and comments on this.

The idea is to make a (workshop-like) session about the service-oriented world, with pragmatism in mind. aseigo and ervin have been coerced into helping. It'd be composed by two parts, training and hacking.


The training part would touch these topics (not necessarily in order):
- the Service-Oriented Computing paradigm: what is it, and how can we use it?
- how to exploit the service-oriented paradigm through the Jolie language.
- bridging Jolie and Qt with kevin's latest cool library
- the Plasma::Service+MetaService API explained. Service-oriented plasmoids!
- how to make powerful service compositors/orchestrators in Jolie, and use them as backends for plasmoids or $insert_your_app_here.
- use cases and surprises (?)
- questions and answers


Everyone starts his editor of choice and starts hacking on some service-oriented UI/Plasmoid/etc, getting help and sharing ideas.
It will be an excellent occasion to improve the framework too (not only the C++ libraries but even the Jolie framework itself, as I'll be there), as there will probably be necessities that could be implemented as a Jolie protocol or some other extension.

What I'd like to have are ideas and comments about this. Is there any topic you'd like to be covered in particular? Questions to be answered?

Of course it would be nice to have plasma developers attending, along with any other people interested in integrating jolie/service-oriented computing in their application or framework.

So, dear reader, would *you* attend? =)