Last year (yeah, this is one of those "I should have posted this long ago" posts, but better late than never) I received a precious delivery:

Oh, yes! KDE sent me bubble wrap, woohoo! I played with it until its exhaustion, so thank you KDE (and Claudia for handling the delivery, and Nokia for providing the materials)!

After playing with the bubble wrap I discovered that there was something inside it: a shining Nokia N810. My very first ARM device to experiment with. The ARM world is indeed very interesting not only for KDE, but also for the Jolie language; so I started to try installing a working execution environment for Jolie in this little device.

The first try wasn't easy. I needed a working Java environment before trying to install Jolie. Fortunately, the Jalimo project out there has already made all the important steps. So I made contact with them in IRC and I've found people willing to help. Many thanks in particular to xranby, who provided me an almost-ready binary package for getting me started. The result?
Jolie has been tested on ARM, and it just works! The whole process has produced some patches for Jolie too, in terms of performance improvements (loading protocol extensions is now faster than before) and memory consumption.