The first university course almost entirely on Jolie (and choreographies!) ended today, with cakes and final discussion on the exam procedure. :-)
I had a lot of fun teaching it. I look forward to the next edition, I got lots of good ideas from this one.

It was also a lot of work, as I had to prepare a lot of material from scratch. There is still lots of room for improvement, but I got a decent set of lectures and exercises out of it. Here is the material from this year:

Feel free to use it, as long as you put a reference to the origin please. Or, just contact me.

This year I also experimented with teaching students how to prepare and give a presentation on a scientific paper, and how to read scientific articles. I think it really paid off, they gave excellent presentations. But it's hard to tell, I had really clever students.. so maybe it's all them. ;-)
Here are some of their carefully crafted presentations:
I still have to get the final feedback on the course, but an initial probing tells me that most of them would use Jolie for their future software projects. This alone makes all the effort worth it. I can't wait to see what they build with it. Some of them have already started.

As the students were so happy, I am going to try carrying out an educational project on research-led teaching next year and see how to push its limits a little more every year! Doing live demos on Jolie during lectures is so much fun (you should see the faces of people when I hack a multiparty web chat server or a prototype cloud computing solution in Jolie in about 10 minutes), but I think that I can transform some of them into videos and apply some more flipped classroom techniques along with other videos from the research community on session programming. We'll see.. and suggestions are welcome!

PS: something that baffled me. I could not find a good tutorial for master students on CCS and the pi-calculus. I had to prepare introductory lectures by myself, which was also quite a bit of work. But maybe they are out there and I just could not find them?