Thanks to Matthias Dieter Wallnöfer, Jolie now supports the negotiation of HTTP compression and this is activated by default. This means that all your Jolie-powered websites will benefit from this, along with your Jolie programs which access remote HTTP content.

We have just uploaded the patch to the web server on the Jolie website:

We have also added caching, with the good old .cacheControl HTTP configuration parameter that I introduced a while ago (

Two minutes later, the loading speed of the main webpage doubled. We went from ~140ms down to ~70ms ! You should feel the difference navigating from one page to the other (aside from those pages using slideshare plugins, which take time to load from

Enjoy a faster Jolie website and faster $all_your_Jolie_programs.

PS: Yes, this will be released with Jolie 1.1.1